The Saturday H4C Box is priced per person.  Simply add quantities for the total amount of people eating.


Each week, Chef Dany Bolduc prepares a delicious menu for you to enjoy at home.  Each box comes with a list of instructions on how to best prepare and finish the meal.


You can enhance your experience by joining a live interactive cooking class hosted by Dany Bolduc.  If you joing the class, you must follow the class start and end times which starts at 5:30pm with the meal ready to be eaten at 7pm.


This week, the box includes:

1. Cryo concentration of minestrone, raw tuna loin

2. Saddle of lamb, potato pie and green pepper sauce

3. Fir, grapefruit, pistachio, wild rose tart

4. Mignardise

Pick up for the box is on Saturday.  Management will contact you to arrange time

    Saturday H4C Box

    Cooking Class
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