Mixed Case:


Taking a bottle without thinking about it is a luxury. So let yourself be surprised and try new ground without it upsetting you too much. Break the ice with a Sicilian frizzante close to Palermo by Aldo Viola. Continue with two crisp white wines, from Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin respectively. One liter format from Transylvania: why not? We talk about minerality and texture. For the reds, a thirsty chianti with the structure conferred by the notes of black cherries and Mencia from northwestern Spain.


Terre Siciliane 2018 Il Bruto, Aldo Viola (bubbles) 

Satu Mare 2018, Weingut Brutler, 1 L Vino Casei alb 

Valle d'Aoste 2018, Rosé 5 Jours, La Cantina di Cuneaz Nadir   

Swartland 2019, Keep on Punching, Testalonga Baby Bandito  

Chianti Superiore 2018, Castello Trebbio  

Côteau-du-Lac (Valleyfield) 2018, SENS, Vignoble de Pomone   


Mixed Case (6): Summer Comfort & Discoveries

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