Mixed Case:


Whether it's fruit-based craft beers, a Schiller style rosé from Hungary or even a newcomer's cider, when you are hanging in the park, the first order of business is comfort. I believe comfort can always be paired with intrigue and discovery, but the sequence must begin with taste. A taste that will satisfy naturally will lead to curiosity being piqued. These are summer beverages, for sure, but they are in of themselves, a level apart from the conventional. That's what makes them special. 


Cider Turbulence

Chianti Castello del Trebbio

Rosé Sicily F. Ayunta (A rosé made from old vines of Nerello Mascalese)

Frizzante Catarrato Alessandro Viola (super easy drinking bubbles with great texture) 

Garden Path The Path led to Flowered no 4 (an awesome bitter beer that is as complex as any natural wine) superb brewery from Washington State. 

Nosso Menade (white) 


Mixed Case (6): Meet me at the Park

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